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We are not just leak detectors but are fully licensed plumbers and can find and repair the leak as well!

If we don’t find the leak, you pay nothing!

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Welcome to D-Teched Plumbing
Specialising in water pipe leak detection and water pipe location and repair.

With over 30 years plumbing experience.


Do you have hidden leaks that need attention immediately? Do you need to find an expert to detect a water leak that you can rely on? Do you want a fixed price with no surprises and peace of mind?

We totally understand! Welcome to The Leak Trackers. Brisbane’s premier leak detection company. We are the authority when it comes to finding leaking water issues quickly.

The Leak Trackers are your experts in detecting water leaks and our policy is that if we do not find the leak there is no fee. The Leak Trackers work at a fixed price. This means no surprises when it comes to the cost of our service. We pride ourselves on using only the latest state of the art highly proficient leak detection equipment.


The Leak Trackers use the Aquaphon 200 which is a state-of-the-art underground microphone that detects leaks quickly. Providing our customers with efficient, professional, speedy, and accurate results pinpointing your leak’s location and depth.

Water leaks can be quite costly so why wait for an unnecessary water bill. The Leak Trackers have built a reputation primarily on word of mouth. We offer a friendly and professional customer service for each valued customer.

The Leak Trackers do and will service anywhere in the Brisbane metro. We service the Southside, Bayside, and the Northside. We are also completely and fully insured. We have years of experience in this area of plumbing expertise. We service residential industrial and commercial water leaks. It doesn’t matter where you are in Brisbane don’t hesitate to call us for top-class service.

At the Leak Trackers, we understand the urgency that comes when you have discovered a leak. That is why we are here to help, don’t let your hard-earned money or business profits leak away!!! To find out how our leak detection services can save you or your business money call us The Leak Trackers on 1300 162 342 or click here for a free quote.

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water-drop Servicing all areas Brisbane, Northside, Westside, Southside, and Bayside
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water-drop Latest state of the art leak detection equipment
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Based on 37 reviews.
Jessica Megaw
Jessica Megaw
7. June, 2022.
Very happy with this experience. Obviously a busy company and found time to come out and find the leak, and then repair it. A leak other plumbers had been unable to find. Thanks Dan.
Karen Ross
Karen Ross
7. May, 2022.
Very impressed with Daniel's professional & extremely efficient work, tracking down a confounding water leak that made no sense & left my original plumber puzzled & guessing g. I highly recommend Daniel not only for his perfect people & communication skills, being quick to respond & fit into his very busy schedule, but super happy with how fast he sorted out the problem at minimum cost and time. Very honest & upfront. Will recommend to anyone needing g plumbing assistance in future. 10 stars 🌟 🤩
Sean Park
Sean Park
12. April, 2022.
Daniel helped detect a concealed water leak underground my property like magic and repaired it in no time. I'm highly impressed with the quality of work and his professionalism. I would highly recommend him without reservation.
Adam Leahy
Adam Leahy
16. March, 2022.
Outstanding, highly recommend Daniel for all your plumbing and leak detection needs. Helped us out with fitting us into his busy schedule, helpful information as well. Great guy, great service!
Harry Froentjes
Harry Froentjes
12. February, 2022.
Most excellent service, very professional. Quickly found offending leak and repaired same in 1.5 hrs. Highly recommend this company's services.
Jared Campbell
Jared Campbell
28. January, 2022.
Daniel from The Leak Trackers is the best in the buisness. He is very fast and efficient and locating a concealed leak and repairs. I have used his services several times and highly recommend him.
Will Chang
Will Chang
16. December, 2021.
A true professional that get the job done! Highly recommended for everyone. Thank you Daniel.
VT Productions
VT Productions
7. December, 2021.
We cannot thank Daniel enough for his help with our leak!! He is simply THE BEST in his field!!! It's the second time he saved the day for us, finding a leak and fixing it, quickly and efficiently. He's a true professional, who will come to the rescue as soon as he can with any leak issues. Can't recommend him highly enough to everyone! 10/10!!! You are an absolute legend Daniel, thank you!
Pippa Gardner
Pippa Gardner
20. October, 2021.
I contacted Daniel after receiving a huge water bill of $2k and being advised by Urban Utilities there was a concealed leak on my property. Daniel (despite being booked out) arrived within 24 hours, found the leak and repaired it for me - even though it was a complicated and dirty repair. He was professional, understanding and trustworthy. I could not recommend him more highly enough. I never write google reviews but felt so compelled after receiving top notch service - which is so rare these days!
Sam Oneissy
Sam Oneissy
20. June, 2021.
After reciving a huge water bill and follow up letter from Urban Utilities about a possible leak I called Daniel from The Leak Trackers. He advised me of what i should do to minimise any further damage to the property and arranged a time to visit the next day. Luckily he was able to work around my schedual and this enabled me to meet him at home without having to take the time off work. He got staight to work after explaining the how and why these things happen and what costs could be involved. He spent 20-30 min in total setting up, checking and rechecking his observations and finally he marked the spot with every confidence. After cutting the concrete and digging down to the pipe I was spun out that he was within 100mm of the leak! Pipe repaired, work site left clean and tidy and a few maintenace tips and recommedations made to improve water conservation. He quoted a best price scenario and warned about a worst case scenario as you never know until you break ground and have a look. He did a really professional and prompt job and considering what was involed, I believe a competative/reasonable price. I would highly recommend Daniel if you need help with plumbing or leaks.

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