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The Leak Trackers. Leaks happen for lots of reasons. It could be that the underground pipe is old or has sustained damage or tree roots have taken hold wreaking havoc. At The Leak Trackers we understand also how sneaky some leaks can be more often than not they’re are hidden from view, and if you’ve got one, you could well be pouring money down the drain. Your leak doesn’t necessarily have to be that hard to find regardless of it being a large or small leak, but a dripping tap or leaking pipe 24 hours a day can make for a very costly experience. So call us now and sit back and relax while we play leak detective.


Leak Trackers

State of the art equipment

When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes here at the leak trackers we use the latest state of the art electro acoustic equipment. This enables our highly skilled technicians with the most reliable leak detection service ever!!

This cutting edge latest system used is ideal for locating and pinpointing your leaks, ensuring confident excavation each time. Water leaks can be costly, so let our specialists knowledge and expert equipment take the hassle out of your water leak putting your hard earned money back into your pockets.



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